Benefits of Karate

Karate is both an art form and physical fitness. Karate develops individuals physically, mentally, and emotionally. No other physical activity provides the combination of these benefits like Karate does - to individuals of all ages.

Karate was viewed strictly as a means of self-defense. Now it is considered physical fitness activity that is both challenging and stimulating. Karate training helps develop increased muscle tone and definition; along with a higher degree of flexibility and cardiovascular capacity.

Other benefits of Karate other than the physical training are the psychological benefits. Karate provides a basis for self-discipline that can be used throughout life. It develops mental alertness, concentration, and the ability to think and act effectively in all situations.

Students of Karate begin training for various reasons: physical fitness, weight loss, self-defense, better health, self-confidence, personal growth, as an art form, or simple as a novelty. Karate offers all of these.

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