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Tai Chi Chuan

Tai ChiTai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a soft, slow and gentle form of exercise which can be practiced by people of all ages. It is  non competitive a form of moving mediation.  

Tai Chi has psychological effects as well.  As a form of mediation, it can help to understand yourself.  Learning to control yourself with the movements will enable you to deal with others more effectively.  Focusing on the precise executions of the movement can foster a calm and tranquil mind.  Learning to do the movements correctly provides a practical avenue for learning about such things as balance, alignment, fine-scale motor control, rhythm of movement and the origin of movement for the body’s vital center.  Tai Chi in some measure contributes to being able to improve how you walk, stand move, run and general posture.  

Anyone can learn Tai Chi.  It can be practiced almost anywhere. The movement are slow and gentle and the degree of exertion can be easily adjust, making it suitable for people of all levels of ability.