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Kobudo at East West Connection

East West Connection

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Learn the Skills of the Warrior to

Succeed in the Modern World

The Okinawan people were forced through circumstance to arm themselves with what they had available.  Their farming and fishing implements had to be transformed into weapons to meet armed adversaries.  

Just as in today's ever changing climate, we as honorary warriors have to adapt and use everything available to us to get ahead .

Improve your ability to compete in the modern world, with the confidence-building training of Kobudo.

Learn the discipline, perseverance and spiritual development of the ancient warrior as you sharpen your leadership skills for today’s challenges and opportunities. Martial arts weapons training will prepare you for “business combat” as well as possible real-life, self-defense scenarios.

Call our school for more information and to schedule your classes.

“The admirable training Sensei Schroeder personally gave me is filled with knowledge of the art and builds self discipline , kindness, humility , compassion and confidence .  His knowledge is hard to come by.  His instruction has helped and touched the heart of people of all age groups and brings out the best in a student. “  TPR

Kobudo class at East West Connection

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Testimonials East West Connection

“Sensei Schroeder makes the time to make sure you know the techniques.  He also takes the time to make sure you feel comfortable the classes. Sensei Schroeder is an excellent instructor in both Karate and Kobudo.”   DB

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