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 Women in Karate is something fairly new to the western world but very  ancient to the eastern culture.

 Every women wants to be able to protect herself in a dangerous situation but  even more so females are very protective of their children, their family, their  friends and even their pets but…………………..

 Do you have the necessary training to keep yourself or your loved ones safe  if  need be.

 In early Japan the Samurai women were held to the same code of honor as  the men.  When the men were away the women were responsible for  protecting the home and family with their Martial Arts  ability.

 They had the training ….Do you?

 It’s not difficult, but fun.

 It’s exercise without expensive equipment

 It’s an art, a self- defense  training and very possibly a life saver.

 Call or email us today to try a free Private ½ hour lesson at a studio that’s  been in existence since 1969.

 Many of the women there will tell you, East West Connection is the  place to start your training in comfort.

Call today to sign up for a ½ hour lesson.

Women and Karate

Women’s Karate

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When I first came to EWC, I wanted to learn how to defend myself.  I wanted to learn how to punch and kick just in case I got attacked.   EWC showed me Karate was so much more than just punching and kicking.  Karate feeds your mind, body and sprit.  Karate is a part of me; something that helps to carry me through the challenges of each day.”   Mary

Comments on EWC Women of Karate

Sensei Schroeder is an excellent and dedicated practioner and teacher.  He has not only taught me to strive for perfection both in and out of the dojo but ,as also encouraged me to continue challenging myself. Dawn